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The Southern India Mills’ Association

Committed to Foster the Growth of the Textile Industry



The Southern India Mills’ Association (SIMA) representing the organised textile industry in South India is organising an exhibition “TEXFAIR” for all textile machineries, accessories and spares manufacturer at CODISSIA Trade Fair Complex, Coimbatore. SIMA has so far successfully conducted nine Exhibitions since 2001. The previous fairs had overwhelming response both from suppliers and users and the suppliers were highly benefited by identifying new mill and the users were also able to find many alternatives for the supply of textile products.

The fair provides a platform for the stake holder to zero in their investments and expenses prudently, showcase their inventions and cost effective items and other products, enable the technocrats and shop floor technicians to update their knowledge on the latest technology and create an awareness on cost cutting, to encourage micro, small and medium entrepreneurs also to showcase their products and get exposure to the market.

It is a highly economical Fair with excellent services, organised by the user industry, venued at Coimbatore, the Manchester of South India which is the hub for textile business in India and the fair would be an ideal platform to showcase and market the products.

Profile of the Participants for TEXFAIR Exhibition

  • All manufacturers and suppliers of textile machinery and spares of ginning, spinning, weaving, processing, powerlooms, handlooms, knitting and garmenting
  • Textile testing equipments
  • Items relating to effluent treatment
  • Auxiliary equipments
  • Accessories
  • Pneumatic equipment and accessories
  • Humidification plant and accessories
  • Lubricants
  • Energy saving equipments
  • Electrical and Electronic items
  • Sizing materials, dyes and chemicals
  • Packaging materials
  • Textile software companies, etc.

Details of previous fairs organized by SIMA

Name of the Fair Date Venue Place No. of Exhibitors No. of Visitors
TEX SPARES 2001 Aug 23 – 27, 2001 CODISSIA Trade Fair Complex Coimbatore 186 30000
TEX SPARES 2004 Feb 4 – 9, 2004 CODISSIA Trade Fair Complex Coimbatore 212 30000
TEX SPARES 2006 July 27 – 31, 2006 CODISSIA Trade Fair Complex Coimbatore 234 40000
TEX SPARES 2007 July 26 – 30, 2007 CODISSIA Trade Fair Complex Coimbatore 116 40000
TEXFAIR 2009 July 24 – 27, 2009 CODISSIA Trade Fair Complex Coimbatore 108 40000
TEXFAIR 2010 Dec 17 – 20, 2010 CODISSIA Trade Fair Complex Coimbatore 130 50000
TEXFAIR 2012 Mar 2 – 5, 2012 CODISSIA Trade Fair Complex Coimbatore 146 50000
TEXFAIR 2013 Dec 13 – 16, 2013 CODISSIA Trade Fair Complex Coimbatore 200 100000
TEXFAIR 2015 Jan 9-12, 2015 CODISSIA Trade Fair Complex Coimbatore 200 100000
TEXFAIR 2016 May 20-23, 2016 CODISSIA Trade Fair Complex Coimbatore 200 100000
10th edition of SIMA Texfair – overwhelming response

Texfair 2016 is the 10th event organized during May 20-23, 2016 at CODISSIA Trade Fair Complex, Coimbatore having international standard, infrastructure facilities including air conditioning, pillar less halls. Though the industry has been reeling under continuous recession, 200 exhibitors participated with full enthusiasm and interest and made the event a grand success. The event attracted around one lakh visitors. The conservative estimate made from the feedback given by the exhibitors reveal that they could get orders worth over Rs.1000 crores apart from reconfirming their earlier orders. Most of the exhibitors have show cased their new inventions which would enable the mills to conserve energy, improve quality, enable automation, online quality and production monitoring facilities, better ambient conditions, improving the working performance of the machine, producing value added products, low cost automation, etc.

Exhibitors from Gujarat, Delhi, Goa, Maharashtra, Punjab, besides Tamil Nadu from India and also overseas exhibitors from China, Japan and EU countries participated in the event.

Coinciding Texfair 2016, National seminars on the topics “Value addition opportunities in weaving”, “A right choice for Value addition and Diversification – Technical Textiles”, “Improving energy efficiency & productivity in Textile Mills” “Condition Monitoring applied in Textile Mills”, “Enhancing Spinning Mills profitability by value addition yarn”, “Benefits of “Structured water” for Textile Industry” were also conduct on 21st and 22nd May 2016 which attracted over 150 participants.


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