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M/s.Loyal Textile Mills Limited

Date : 19th October 2016
Communication Address :
Loyal Textile Mills Ltd.,
Chennai Office.
Mobile No: 9442101605
Email ID: palanikumar@loyaltextiles.com

Description 3-Ton Boiler
Make / Year of Manufacture Veesons, Trichy / 1992
Capacity 3957 kg/hr
Boiler Number / Rating T-5364 / 142 Sq.Meter
Fuel Used Fire Wood
Average Wood Consumption per hour 600 kg/hr
Efficiency 70%
Average Power Consumption per hour 400-450 kwhr
Air Pollution Control Measures Mechanical Dust Collector followed by Wet Scrubber
Stack Height in M / Stack Dia in M 30.5 / 1.2
Material for construction (Stack) Eco Chimney
Exit Gas Temp in deg.centi 180
Makers Number VSN 065
Available for inspection at Loyal Super Fabrics,
C-7-1, SIPCOT Complex,
Kudikadu, Cuddalore.
Contact details Loyal Textile Mills Ltd., Chennai Office,
Mobile: 9442101605,
Email: palanikumar@loyaltextiles.com


M/s.Sree Valliappa Group

Date : 20th October 2016
Communication Address :
#71, 8th Floor, SONA Towers, Millers Road
Bengaluru 560 052.
Phone No : 080 22282584
Mobile No: 98441 08129
E-mail ID : sivarao@valliappa.com

Name of the item Make/model Year Quantity Description
Secondhand transformer Not given Not given 1 500KVA or 315 KVA, 3 phase, 50 C/s Oils immersed and naturally cooled out-door type Copper wound transformer with delta connection on HV side and start connection on LV side with additional neutral brought out on load side, voltage rating 22/0.433 kv.